Fabrica De Licores De Antioquia

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The Alcohol and Liquor Factory Antioquia offers innovative alternatives in spirits and alcohols that meet the needs and expectations of consumers and customers, based on criteria of quality and social responsibility , with a committed team and with national and international presence , to generate revenue the Department of Antioquia.


In 2016 the Alcohol and Liquor Factory Antioquia be consolidated at the national level and will be recognized worldwide as a leader in the market of spirits and alcohols by its portfolio of innovative products and services company.


Management in the Liquor Factory and alcohols Antioquia focuses on growth stocks in products and markets ( sales) and in improving organizational efficiency (industrial and administrative modernization ) .
• Honesty : Ability to always act based on truth , ethics and justice.
• Transparency : It is clear that every human act must show is put on evidence to himself and to others with their own actions.
• Service : The attitude born of deep conviction to meet domestic needs, the public and the community.
• Commitment: staff attitude and capacity to engage with the achievement of the goals , objectives and institutional goals.
• Consistency : The consistency and logic unit between what we think, say and do .
• Solidarity: mutual collaboration between people and institutions in the fulfillment of its purposes.
• Respect : Accept and understand others as they are and recognize their difference.
• Responsibility : We make commitments and provide for , take or avoid , as applicable , its consequences.

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